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I am currently only concentrating on one spree as this year is the year for my o levels thus won be able to take out as much time as I use to.

However, emails and tags would still be replied within 48 hours!

I'll still be selling instocks as well, so do take a look at them, they're all brand new!

Do continue to support us, we'll be up with more stuff the coming year!



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1.Goods ordered are not allowed for cancellation.

2.Meet ups are located at Redhill MRT or at town area

3.Only exact amount of money accepted.

4.Goods sold are not refundable.

5.Latecomers for the first meet-up would not be entertained

6.Payment would have to made before orders for the preorders and sprees could be done. Both Meetup and Bank Transfer is available

For Bank Transfer: Please transfer to 401-52077-5, POSB Savings Account and inform me with reference no. via email once you've done so.

For orders:

Please fill in the Order Form

There will be extra charges for normal postage, I would not be responsible for any lost of mail or defects in the items as they com directly from the supplier.

Items would reach me in a month or so or otherwise stated and a email would be sent out immediately once they arrive.


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April 2009
January 2010


PwiincessYYL, Dollie Love
Free Fever Files, Dynamic Drive

Thinking of giving a completed jigsaw puzzle as a gift but can't find the time to do so?
No more worries as
Just email us your preferred jigsaw (any that can be found on the local maket) and pay for just the jigsaw puzzle, framework and workmanship.
All you have to do next is to sit back and wait for approximately one week or less for your completed gift!
Puzzles range from $20 to $70 and above
Framework range from $30 and above
Workmanship would be $0.20 per piece of puzzle
Payment of 50% of the final price is required for deposit
More information:
The normal no. of pieces that a jigsaw puzzle has is around 180 and above.
Recommended size for gifts would be the 300 or 500 piece because it is not too bg for decoraton and most importantly, transportation.
As for payment, bank transfer is preferred. We accept but do not recommend conceal cash. Meetups would only be entertained if you are getting your own puzzle.
Qn: Do we have to provide our own jigsaw puzzle?
Ans:As for the jigsaw puzzle, you can either purchase your own jigsaw puzzle and pass it to us for completion or email us the picture of the jigsaw puzzle you want and we can help you purchase it.
Qn: Other than putting the jigsaw puzzle in a framework, are there other lest costly options?
Ans:You can just choose to paste your jigsaw onto a piece of cardboard at a low cost of $5 and a piece of plastic would be provided for protection.
Hurry and email your orders to exchangeformoney@hotmail.com

9:20 PM EFM

Beauty Spree Is BACK!!!!!
Free normal postage for all purchases, reg post add $2.50

Items only take 2 weeks to arrive after closing of spree

More items would be updated during the week. if you wish to purchase any popular products that are not shown please provide me with the pic and I'll help you see if i can get it for you at the most affordable price ^^

Velcro Fringe Clip

Comes in packet of 2

there's no choosing of colours
It would either come in pink or blue


Renewal gel

Has the exact same effect as the Ginvera Green Tea Marvel gel as well as the Follow me renewal gel but much more affordable

My Best friend tried and she said it was so good despite the ugly packaging
Her skin was soft and smooth after the use

Just apply on cleansed and dry face and rub gently. It helps to remove the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin which are one of the main reasons causing clogged pores and blackheads when not removed.

Just use once or twice every week


Mother Home Eye shadow Palette 8's

Contains all the basic daily colours in just one palette.

recommended by Da S


Lohashill BB cream


La Eau Slimming Socks


Jojo pure Animal Hair Brush Set 8's

Recommended by Nv Ren Wo Zui Da Makeup Artist Tony

Animal Hair brushes are the best tools for applying makeup as natural hair are able to pick up and put on the right amount of makeup helping to create natural looking makeup without as much effort.

Shadow Brush
Blush Brush
Sponge tip shadow brush

Comes with the free brush pouch as shown

Small and compact, convenient to bring around


Hair Extension

Dark Brown
Light Brown

Length: 65 cm
Width: 8 cm


Double Eyelid Clip


Dodo Palgantong Morning Set

Consists of:
1. Loose powder in pure beige Net Wt 10 g
2. BB cream Net Wt 15 g
3. Cute Powder puff

All comes in the small cosmetic bag shown

Retailing at Sasa for over $20


Chaarming Cat Mascara

Net Wt: 11g

Definitely a must buy for those looking for cheap yet quality mascara. It's fibres are really smooth and does not clump easily.

furthermore, it creates the three ultimate effect to attain dolly looking eyelash that you'll sure be addicted to.

Length, Curl and Volume
attaining a 3D effect


Closing in one week's time (26/1/10)

Please direct all enquiries to exchangeformoney@hotmail.com

Please include these Order Details when ordering:


Item name/Quantity/Price/Colour
(e.g. Lohashill BB cream/2/$11/nil)

Total Amount Payable =

Simply place your order by clicking HERE

2:53 PM EFM

Food Ornaments Accessories~(attached to hp straps)

Little Oranges and Strawberries (25 for $2) and Bells ($0.20):
Can be used as deco for phones and other decorations.


Strawberry Biscuit:

Macaroon ($2.20 with hp strap attached):

Chocolate($1.80 with hp strap attached):

Ice Cream:
The white part is made of silicone reisin and is very squishy and realistic ^^

Strawberry Cake:

Heart Shaped Cake:

These would be into accessories for your hp upon request.

$2 each unless otherwise stated.
Additional of bells* would cost $0.20 each

Little strawberries and oranges at 25 for $2

No meetups for this, only bank transfer and free normal post would be given.

Item would be sent once order has been confirmed and payment received.
*bells and hp straps only available in pink
Please fill in the order form found on the blog to order.
All enquiries directed to exchangeformoney@hotmail.com and payment made to 401-52077-5 POSB Savings.

3:24 AM EFM

(All prices inclusive of free normal postage. For registered postage, please add $2.24 more)
*more products would be uploaded now and then, do look out for it!*

Beauty Products Readystock
Every product only has one piece, unless otherwise stated

Visage Eyezone Massager
Device to massage teh area around your eyes, helping to remove fatigue and improve blood circulation which in turns help improve eyecircles and eyebags.

Mother Home Individual Eyeshadow
$3.20 each

Colours Available:
no. 03 light green
no. 09 silver (1 sold, left with 1)
no. 10 turqoise
no. 14 dark green
no. 15 golden brown (sold)

Each eyeshadow comes with a small applicator and mirror at the bottom as shown

Smooth and long lasting application, giving you the best eye makeup you'll ever get!

P.S. I owe one set myself and have been very satisfied with it. Although the colour looks very heavy, but when you apply it lightly, it is actually very natural looking! Love it!

PVC Sponge (yellow, not as shown)
Use this to thoroughly cleanse your face or of mask, can help to remove dead skin cells on the face too.

Blush Template (green)
Use this to achieve natural looking blush.

Face Slimming Mouth Piece
Just wear this in your mouth to slim down the jaw muscles.

Silicone Front Sole Padding
Suitable for high heels, non slip design, enables one's walking experience to be more comfortable. Comes in a pair.

Sauna Tummy Slimming Wrap
Can be reused up to 60 times, made of PVC. Cleanse onece with water before using to ensure safe usage. Works wonder with slimming cream, just apply slimming cream on your tummy and wrap this around the area, wear it for a couple of hours and you'll see results!

Face Slimming Rollers (sold)
2 in one rollers for bothe the face and chin, helping to solve flabby double chin problems.

Visage Face Roller (2 instocks)
Use this to massage your face to achieve slimming effect, creating a lovely face structure

Foaming Sponge
Colours Available:
Pink (1)
Green (1)

Cute little sponge to help foam up your facial wash and enable thorough cleansing.

Mermaid Brand 2 way Foundation
Can be used wet or dry. Smooth and easy application. Apply a thin layer and touch up if not sufficent to prevent unnatural look.

Clover Bath Tool Purpleish blue (colour not as shown in pic)

For use in the bathroom to hold on to your shampoo bottles onto the wall, the suckles are on both sides.

MAC Brush set
This is the real MAC brush set. 2nd Grade

The factory would produce three grades of brushes:

1st Grade: flawless products that would be sent to the original country for sale on counters.

2nd Grade: there would be some minor flaws on the handle, but the quality of the brushes are still good and does not affect application. Definitely a buy for those looking for good quality brushes.

3rd Grade: the cutting or finishing of the hair is not up to standard, but in terms of quality wise, it is still first grade hair.

Epi Stick (2 instocks)

Mother Home Bronzer + Blusher (reserved)
High Quality Blusher and bronzer from America. Powder is soft and smooth, providing easy application.
2 in one, definitely a buy!

Shampoo Glove (only blue available)
$1.60 (sold)
A little tool to enable your shampooing experience to be more fun and benefitting. The little poky things on the glove will help to massage your scalp while you shampoo using it and enhance blood circulation, resulting in better health and hair growth.

Relian Black Gel Eyeliner
High quality professional gel eyeliner, comes with brush. Enables on to achieve flawless eyeliner. Texture is smooth and easy to use, dries fast and does not smudge.

Monplay Eyebrow Powder Palette No.1
Colours on palette:(from left to right)
Dark Brown, Light Brown, Black

Lasting makeup powder that gives you natural looking eyebrows.

Vov Blusher

Colours Available:
No. 1 Rich White (2 instocks) (just plain white with white casing)
No. 4 Gold Peach (sold)
No. 5 Baby Orange (sold)
No. 6 Baby Pop Orange (shown as 2 in the pic)
Others shown in the pic as numbered. Comes with a cute pink vov box (the boxes are not totally clean due to process of shipping, but does not affect anything.)

Sauna Tummy Wrap

Silicone heel sole

Slimming Toe Ring (1 pair)

Monplay Eyeshadow (sold)

Magic Bra Pad (not available for the time being)

Shimmers instock

3 in 1

Can be used for eyeliner, lipstick and eye shadow!!!!

They are super nice.

Recommended by taiwan 女人我最大!!!

Its very easy to apply on and use. Can be washed off easily. Very long lasting...suitable for nude makeup....practically glams up everything!!!!

Colours available :

All colours as shown except for no. 12 and 03. A much darker shade of 12 is available, not shown.

Supplying at $1.50 for 10 orders.
No more hesitation, add them to your makeup collection now!


$2 mailed-

Kim Section
These belongs to my friend. I'm helping her sell them. Feel free to clear your doubts with me ^^ Anything I'm not sure I'll ask her straight!
*No swaps for this*
---kids costume---

*Cutee Princess Dress Set*

Comes with pinnk inner layer skirt !

Suitable for child below 5

Price : $20 for full set

*Dance Costume (unisex)*

Comes with a turban as well ~

Price: $20
Costumes are suitable for photoshoots/talent time/mini-performance/parties etc !

---Brand NEW Mini Speakers---

System includes 2 speakers.
Each speaker has a single 3.1" full range cone driver mounted in a bass reflex enclosure
Speaker enclosures have a cherry woodgrained vinyl finished
A hardwire 58" length of speaker wire is attached to each speaker
Dimension: 235(h) x 140(w) x 145 (d)
*Speakers are new and in very gd condition*
Price: $30 for both

---Bamboo Cooling Bed Mat---

~Polka-dotted sides~

---Prom/Formal Party/Special Occasion dress---

Length (approx) :112 cm
Waist size (approx) : 30 inches/76 cm

Item worn only ONCE!
*colour varies slightly due to lighting*
Bought from Euraugo @ Suntec City !
Order Details:
Beauty Products ReadyStock/Shimmer Instock/Kim's Section
Name and Quantity Of Item:
Total Amount Payable:
Mode Of Collection: Only Postage Available

Click here to place your orders

Please include the above Order Details at the Order Details section while filling in the order from at the link.

10:01 PM EFM